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When my close friend and design client, Meghan Del Prete, approached me with the opportunity to try three free pilates sessions at Reform Pilates, I was met with a few emotions. Excited, since I always wanted to try it; apprehensive to work with a personal trainer; and concerned that I would be away from my 9 month old (who is breastfed with no bottles). But I decided to take the plunge and see what my body could do. Boy, was I pleased with the results!

photo courtesy of Reform Pilates

I’ve known Meghan for over ten years now. Upon leaving Shannon-Rose Design (where we worked together), she ventured to NYC to study pilates with the best. I’m inspired by her dedication and entrepreneurial skills. She began Reform in a small studio in Saratoga Springs, NY, soon moving to a beautiful, larger studio to accommodate her growing clientele.

After setting up my three sessions over the phone with a very pleasant employee, I was ready to meet with one of Reform’s experienced instructors. I have to be honest, I did little research and really had no idea what I was in for. After expressing my lack of knowledge, my instructor made me feel at ease. She explained the meaning behind this “core” workout, along with a little background on its creator, Joseph Pilates. Our session started out slowly. This gave me time to focus my attention and energy on my core (something very new to me). It felt as though I was using my brain more than by body, but after 5 minutes I was shocked to find myself sweating. The only way I can compare pilates to other forms of fitness is that I felt a much deeper connection with my form and muscle structure (anatomy, if you will).

I do not exaggerate when I tell you that I felt and saw results after my first session. Yes, my first session. I was hooked. As toned as my stomach once was, after two pregnancies, it’s difficult to get that back. We all have our problem areas and mine centers halfway between my head and my toes; aka my butt & thighs. Pilates was the first type of exercise that toned this area in only a short time. I was shocked.

My time at Reform also made me realize that as we age, our muscle tone is compromised. This is something that every human will experience and try to combat. I think this is why Meghan has so many older clients. By incorporating a core centered fitness program into their lives, they are able to retain the muscle tone so detrimental to their health. This was wake up call as I am 35 now and not getting any younger. It’s so easy to become complacent as we put other priorities far above our health.

I will sum up my experience with three final emotions. Happy, because I took the plunge and didn’t fear in my ability to perform. Surprised by the results from JUST three, one hour sessions. Excited to continue mat classes so that my form may stay strong and healthy for years to come. Many thanks to Meghan for the opportunity. She is also a fabulous client (I design her print materials); she is so pleasant to work with. Give her a call or check out her services at Reform Pilates. You won’t be disappointed!

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