My Baby Girl’s 1st Birthday Dress

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I always like to begin any sewing related posts with a big THANK YOU to my mother. She was the one to teach us the importance of threading a needle and using it well. And while we’re on topic, I’m reminded of a time in 8th grade Home Economics class when a girl stated, “When will I ever need to know how to sew?”. It’s not that you need to know this skill, rather, you must want the ability to craft items with patience, care, and from the heart. And seeing that I am a self admitted “domestic feminist”, you better believe that my son will, at the very least, know how to sew a button in 5 minutes flat.

As the date approached, I absolutely knew that I would sew Parker’s 1st birthday dress. What I didn’t know is how it would turn out. When it comes to projects that are this close to my heart, I tend to turn up my perfectionist dial to 11. I had the following criteria in mind when brainstorming what sort of dress I would make. It had to be vintage looking (circa 1930) since her birthday theme was “A New Year with an Old Soul“. She would have to move around with ease, so nothing too long or with too many frills. Luckily, I found a Vintage Simplicity pattern inspired by the very year my mom was born, 1948. So far, I was cookin’ with gas.

The lace appliques (below) were purchased years ago on Etsy. I have a tendency to buy sewing related items with no intention of using them. I have a fabric hoarding problem that has since been addressed. Not sure how the lace would work with a rather simple A-line dress, I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome. They fit the dress/style perfectly!

Let it be said that I had a very hard time with the whole {pink = girl} theme. After more than 24 hours of labor I realized I had a beautiful baby girl in my arms, but I slowly felt a wave of pink gaining on me. This dress is a testament to my year long struggle with baby pink, apricot, peach and any other “girly” hue. I tend to over think color since I’m and artist/designer, but I want Parker to live with every color of the rainbow, including blue. No sex shall be defined by color in my house, ha.

A final piece of lace was stitched at the bottom hem in order to tie everything together. Black trim accents the sleeves and neck for a touch of the unexpected an my trademark graphic edge.

The following booties were also handmade, but the pattern failed to point out that their “one size fits all” does not fit my 12 month old. No worries. I just turned them into table decor the day of the party.

My FAVORITE handmade piece has to be Parker’s hair bow. You see, she was born with a full head of hair, just like her mama. After a few months of it sticking up on end, I realized that I would need the help of a hair clip in order to clear Parker’s hair from her beautiful eyes. And so, her trademark bow became a frequent topic in the balance of function and aesthetic. We often wonder if her locks will transform into mama’s curls. I tend to think so since it snarls as quick as mine does. Plus, my curls didn’t develop until puberty. Poor girl. She doesn’t know what she’s in for. No worries, I’ll show her how to tame that mane.

OK, seriously, this image brings tears to my eyes. Man, it’s only fabric. Get it together, Amber.

OBSESSIVISION is the inability to let go of nostalgic imagery. Since I spent hours crafting both her dress and invitation, it would be hard for me to store them in a dark box labeled 1st year These come from the heart and should live on. Parker, I hope one day that these mementos will convey even a glimmer of just how much I love you. To, Poosie. With love, Mama xoxo

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