Party Favors: Parker’s First Birthday

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It’s safe to say that I use every excuse in the book to flex my design muscles, especially when it comes to my kids’ birthday parties. Event planning holds a special place in my heart since I have the opportunity to cook, design, print, create, sew, craft, brand, all for one single purpose. Sure, it’s a TON of work, but the pay off is well worth it. I owe so much to my 10+ years as art/creative director, not to mention project manager of each and every job. Talk about multitasking.

I try to avoid the “typical” when it comes to party planning. My goal is to give guests a sentimental feeling by injecting personality into each and every detail. Since this was my daughter’s FIRST birthday, I had to go all out (much like I did for my son’s first birthday). Since most of the guests would be adults/family, I wanted to include everyone when handing out favors. What better way to commemorate the event than with a set of first year photographs. I have to add that I dropped my camera just two weeks before the event. To say that I was angry would be an understatement. More like anxiously livid with a touch of depression. Thankfully, a special person named Kim lent me a fabulous camera to shoot Parker’s first year photos. Special thanks to my protection plan and Geek Squad for getting my camera fixed and back to me well before the party. Oh, and I can’t forget the pumpkin butter (photo below)

The only thing that bothers me about the pumpkin butter is that I didn’t have enough to make for all guests. I just turned this lack of supply into a fun game. However, running out of time and down to the wire, I had to enlist my brother in law to develop this game (the day of the event, mind you) in which guests could win a jar of home made pumpkin butter. Recipe here.

The clothespin idea was a bit of a process. I knew I wanted something to tie in the whole sewing/creative/old soul concept. That’s when I thought about how people used to clean and dry clothes. Most of my craft projects are very organic, and this one was no different. I had purchased some measure washi tape (similar to was clothing designers use to measure their models) and had leftover patter paper from Parker’s dress pattern. After some trial and error I affixed pattern paper, magnet, button and 1st icon flag for a graphic feel. All buttons were vintage (yay Etsy). A designer is always editing so it was important to keep this pin as clean looking as possible without going overboard.

Thankfully, I had so many graphics from Parker’s invitation to work with. I decided to create a collage and slice ribbon strips to wrap around all four photos. Using her logo as a final touch was a fun way to tie in the whole vintage clothing tag.

The photos above were enclosed in each party favor package as a 4×6″ print. A larger 5×7″ print (below) was wrapped in parchment paper with cardboard backing and tied with string.

Of course I turned the party favors into functional decor. Notice how I utilized the pins so that guests see the concept come to life.

Knowing that my three nieces would be in attendance, I wanted to give them something special to take home. Handmade bows incorporate my FAVORITE pink ribbon and Parker’s signature look.

Each pumpkin butter label was hand designed, printed and cut. I found a fabulous stitch themed ribbon to affix each label to 5 jars of homemade pumpkin butter. I will mention that I am not a fan of pumpkin anything, but I ADORE this slow cooked recipe. Recipe here >>

To see where the concept began, check out Parker’s first birthday invitation design.

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