Artwork for the Home: Symmetry

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Turn a negative into a positive.

The negative space that once existed between these gold lamps has been haunting me for months. After sketching and creating a couple abstracts, I wasn’t pleased. Then I remembered the symmetrical ink blot pieces sitting in my Etsy shop. This space was begging for something that would compliment the symmetrical, balanced table scape. Luckily, I had a variety of color schemes to mesh with the bedroom’s color palette. One of my absolute favorite pastimes is creating original art for my home. When you create art for a specific space it’s easy to customize size, medium, frame style…the possibilities are endless. Pinterest is a great source for artistic inspiration. You need not be an “artist” to make an impact or draw the eye. Here is some more abstract inspiration. Be inspired!


Below are a few more pieces in this collection.

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