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It’s very rare that any of my photos see the light of day WITHOUT leaving the land of Photoshop. This genius program allows for full control over all photo edits. As soon as I select the strongest photo, I evaluate which areas are in need of improvement. I can alter anything from highlight intensity to color saturation. Sure, some photos need more help than others, but it’s up to the individual to decide what edits should be made in order to complete his/her vision. I hope you find the following tutorial helpful. Photography and Photoshop work by Amber Christian Osterhout ©2014

STEP ONE: I used the CURVES tool to bring out highlights and reduce intensity of the shadows & midtones (I almost always start with this tool so I may view the image in the correct light).



STEP TWO: I analyzed color and decided to reduce red in order to neutralize the skin tone (it was quite cold out when the photo was taken). Color correction was achieved with the SELECTIVE COLOR tool.



STEP THREE: I clearly forgot to use lotion on Parker that day. As I zoomed in I noticed some dry skin flakes. No worries, the CLONE tool smoothed her baby skin, perfectly.



STEP FOUR: Since the majority of her skin appeared smooth, I felt that the creases around her eye should be blurred with the BLUR tool. This was my final trick in even out her overall complextion.



STEP FIVE: One area of the photo that really bothered me was the blue shadow to the left of her eye (lack of sleep, maybe). An easy fix! Just draw a marquee around the shadow, FEATHER the edges, and reduce the blue tones with the SELECTIVE COLOR tool (under highlights and midtones).

STEP SIX: When all was said and done I took a step back to decide if I was satisfied. My OCD told me to lighten just a touch. After all, she’s a baby with very fair skin.

And there you have it! Picture perfect, thanks to Photoshop.

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