Obsession & Inspiration: What Fuels my Art

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I created the following inspiration board back in 2011 with full intentions of developing works that tap into my science, design and mental health backgrounds (a project temporarily put on hold with the arrival of baby #2). Aside from my babies, those three subjects shape much of who I am today. I wanted to find a way to blend my diverse interests, studies and obsessions into one cohesive expression.

11As both a passionate mental health advocate and artist, Rorschach tests fascinate me on many levels. These test were intended to, “examine a person’s personality characteristics and emotional functioning”.  Having witnessed a close relative deal with a serious mental illness, I find it interesting that any doctor would find these tests valuable. Mental illness (not to mention the brain) is so undeniably complex that it takes months to properly diagnose. What I do find intriguing is how the chaotic/random quality of these ink blots is balance by symmetry. An interesting concept since full recovery from a mental illness is quite rare. The idea is to maintain a certain level of normalcy. It is my goal to capture this “level of normalcy” in my art through symmetry, organization, harmony and calm. I never lose sight of the fact that at any moment, this calm can be disrupted and replaced by asymmetry, turmoil and entropy. Below are a few cell stains that I’ve spent many hours studying during my years as a biology major and tissue culture technician. I blame my obsession with analyzing things at a microscopic level on those long hours with a microscope. Maybe I’ll go into more detail at a later date, but I know my kids will be up in the morning, so I must go. STAY INSPIRED!

1Each piece begins with watercolor, acrylic, and/or pencil, charcoal mediums; prior to being scanned, arranged and layered until a harmonious composition is achieved. Below are a few examples of completed works. You can view more in my shop >>



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