Halloween 2014 with my MADMINI’s

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What happens when you run out of time to make costumes for the kids? You improvise. This year’s Halloween inspiration came to me as we walked through Gimboree for the first time ever. I couldn’t get over the adult looking duds in toddler sizes. Oh so many mod dresses and hats…I just about died and went to mid-century modern heaven. Then it dawned on me. I turned to Michael, who had been brainstorming with me on what the kids would be for Halloween, and said…”WAIT! I got it! Peggy Olsen and Don Draper.” Michael was totally on board and already pulling bold patterned frocks to mull over. You never know when the spirit will move you. The majority of Lucas’s costume was sitting in his closet. Dress slacks, shoes and shirt he had worn a few months ago in my sister’s wedding. Hat, vest and coat are new purchases but can all be worn again. We’re well aware that Lucas will start to choose his costumes so we wanted the kids to have one more year as a couple. Since Lucas is forever knee deep in drawings and mom/dad are both art directors, MadMen seemed like the perfect fit! The photo shoot was easy and flowed from beginning to end. Even Lucas got in on the action and offered up some brooding/adorable poses. Seriously, get this kid an agent, ha. Parker is just happy to wear a hat, so she had a lot of fun with the shoot, as well.  I didn’t think we could top our Charlie Chaplin Kid Halloween, but boy did we come close!


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