Parker’s 2nd Birthday Invitiation Design

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One of the biggest perks of being a creative director and mom is the ability to blend both roles into one. Planning Parker’s first birthday was an experience I’ll never forget! I love creating keepsakes/memories that my kids will cherish for years to come. With a background in branding and design, I tend to approach event planning as if it were a mini-branding project. My goal is to streamline everything from invitation design to party decor to favors to costume and dress creations. This year, I fell a bit behind on planning Parker’s second birthday but knew I wanted to create a whimsical, country photo shoot to commemorate her second year. With one of my mother’s gorgeous dress creations, I was on a mission to design an equally gorgeous hairpiece. Call it fate, but the day before I planned to shoot Parker’s photos, I came across the hairpiece from my wedding. With a little thread, tape and wildflowers, I was able to transform something old into something new. This hairpiece became the focal point in Parker’s photos and really took my breath away. I was so taken with the photos, I decided to include one in her invitation design. Can’t wait to celebrate with my baby girl next week!

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