Parker’s 2nd Year Photo Shoot Styling

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As my kids’ birthdays approach, I imagine myself looking back on their childhood about 20 years from now. It’s important for me to create a visual timeline as I tend to speak with imagery rather than words. Since photography is one of my favorite forms of self expression, and my kids are my biggest inspiration, these annual photo shoots are a great way to capture their spirit while allowing the imagination to run wild.

52As I mentioned before, these shoots tend to evolve with little planning. So I guess it’s no surprise that I came across the flower hairpiece I wore for my wedding the same day I decided to style her outfit. In fact, it was on this day we celebrated my 9th wedding anniversary. I knew I had to include the flower in some way.

13867911I hope that one day (about 20 years from now) my kids will appreciate mommy’s attempt to capture their evolution and spirit.

To view Parker’s full 2nd year photo shoot >>

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