DIY Organize: Magnetic Inspiration Board

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I’ll be the first to admit that I have a terrible time finishing projects. Upon arriving at the 92.7% completion point, I throw in the towel. I’m convinced that I’m addicted to the “anticipation” of completing a project, not the actual finished product. One of these projects that has been lingering for quite some time is my office space. I began construction while pregnant with Parker and “anticipating” a graceful exit from my 9-5 job as creative director. Reality set in once baby arrived and work started to trickle in. But I am determined to finish my office space within the next month! Here is a little DIY project which I hope inspires you to stay inspired.

Step 1: Framework

In an effort to recycle some old frames that have been piling up in storage, I decided to upcycle an old black frame. With a simple coat of warm white paint, I had a structure which would house my magnetic board.


Step 2: Artwork and Sheet Metal

Now that I’ve found a local source for large format printing, the possibilities are endless…hence this project. I was able to fashion one of my abstract works to fit on a 24×36″ piece of thin vinyl. The reason I went with vinyl was because I knew it wouls stand the test of time which little to no surface wear. This print cost just $25. After a few trips to Lowes and Homedepot, I came up empty handed on the metal, but I was able to find it online. A perfectly sized piece of galvanized sheet metal showed up at my door in just 4 days and for less than $10.


Step 3: Adhesive

I’ll be honest, I had no idea how I would effectively join my vinyl print with the sheet metal, then I remembered I had some leftover wallpaper paste. BINGO! This was a much stronger and permanent solution to spray mount (not to mention, without the toxic fumes). I simply spread a thin layer on the metal, lined up the print and removed any air bubbles with a tool in my son’s play-dough kit…no kidding.


 Step 3: Assembly

This is the last and easiest step in the process. I decided to add a piece of the cardboard on back to reinforce the rigidity of the board. And VOILA!


I’m made sure not to show too much as I plan to reveal my entire
office space in the coming weeks. Stay inspired!


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