Interior Design: Our Office Space

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As an artist & designer, the never-ending visual dialogue that plays in my head can be overwhelming at times.

My sixth sense is to evaluate, critique and rearrange pretty much anything that comes into view. And since it is my job to create, I guess it’s only natural that my surroundings compliment my mood and inspire creativity. I absolutely cannot be productive, let alone think straight, if my space is in disarray. Most creatives will tell you that their brain never stops. My way of regaining control is to create a space that is both organized and inspiring. After all, imagination and reason are closer than they appear.


My husband’s childhood dresser…transformed.

The following dresser (which was once a medium wood tone) now contains art supplies, paper products, and more.


A handmade pendant light.

I have a bit of an obsession with lighting design. The feather creation below might be the 6th design I made for our home.


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