Idle Hands are a Children’s Workshop

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I’m not one to throw away my design convictions simply because I decided to bring adorable children into the world.

Those curious hands may test your patience, but they’ll also inspire you to be more practical with interior selections. A few weeks ago my highly active 2 yo decided to turn mommy’s handmade cabinet doors into abstract art. With a background in art & design, my knee jerk reaction is to handle any design challenge with a well crafted solution. My goal? To reinforce the textured surface so that Miss Parker’s little fingers would be, well, less curious.


Project Materials

Lace paper found at Paper Dolls in Saratoga, wallpaper paste mixed with light grey paint,
Asian styled hardware found on Etsy


Major Score

I found this beautiful cabinet on the side of a road in Hudson, NY (while passing through after a business meeting) for only $15! A possible antique from the 40’s or 50’s, I simply couldn’t resist the gorgeous carvings and archway.



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