Happy Birthday & High 5, to my Lucas

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I think most parents would agree that a 5th birthday is a pretty big milestone.

And what better way to celebrate than with a festive party with friends and family. As a mom/creative, I tend to put a lot of effort into my kids’ birthdays. It’s just my nature to express adoration through craft, design, food and LOTS of details. When planning Lucas’s party, I didn’t have an exact theme in mind. After designing his birthday invitation it was clear that Lucas’s love of the outdoors should inspire the theme. With a house in the country, a woodland party seemed like a perfect fit. I had so much fun with the details so I hope you enjoy the following photo recap. May it inspire feelings of nostalgia & creativity.


Party Favors

When I decided on a woodland theme, I knew I had to create a favor that doubled as a survival kit. I hope these rustic favor bags, filled with tools and goodies, inspire Lucas’s friends to explore the outdoors. The amazing twig pencils were found online (though, some guests thought I made them, ha), pine needles outside and a rubber flower stamp at ACMoore.


Woodland Masks

Ok, before you get all, “you spent HOW LONG making 10 masks by hand?”, let me just add that I did not realize how involved this project would be. In the end, those smiles made it worth my while. 872216

Party Favors

Yes, the scavenger hunt was a hit, but I was surprised by how quickly the kids returned with a full carton. Next time? I think I’ll add “find a live insect” to the list. 523

PS: My mom made this dress. Ridiculous, right?


Party Crafts

ACMoore strikes again with birdhouses for $1 a piece. When you’re surrounded by forest, you are never short on wood. These little pendant necklaces were by far my thriftiest creation. The kids had so much fun with these!



If you ever wonder where I get my obsession with making just about everything by hand (to save money), look no further that my mother. When asked if she could pick up a pinata for me, did she turn up with one? Oh no! She thought it would be hilarious if we make one out of tissue paper, a paper bag and glue. Why, you ask? Because the store bought version was $25, without candy. Mother knows best!1012131814

Go Lucas….gooooo!

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate this special day!

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