Bedroom Interior Makeover: Less is More

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It’s hard to believe that my husband and I receive the keys to our first home just ten years ago.

Life in the country has proved to be one of the best decisions we’ve made as a couple. I can say this after seeing the overflowing file that our realtor kept. We searched high and low throughout Saratoga county for 7 months to uncover the perfect starter home. Problem was, in 2005 the market shifted to the seller’s advantage. I lost count of how many bidding wars we lost. Ready to admit defeat, and well aware that our wedding was approaching, we decided to start searching again in the fall. I still remember telling our realtor about this house in Corinth, NY. She had steered us away from the small country town, and yes, there is a certain stigma attached, but Michael and I are pretty open minded. The 15-20 minute drive from Saratoga started to worry me, but once I set foot on the 2.5 acres surrounded by a sea of gigantic pine trees, I knew we were home. It took some time getting used to the absence of sound (my imagination is insane), but the overwhelming presence of nature was reason enough to make this our home. Michael, being the homebody he is, and I being a secure introvert, found the perfect environment to compliment our moods. To mark the ten year anniversary in our first home, I’ve spent much of the summer updating interior design and PAINTING as if my life depended on it. We do many of our own home improvements but I did have a contractor install the gorgeous window below. It transformed the space and made for a much better connection to the outdoors. As a creative director, I’m constantly editing my surroundings and fleshing out new designs in my head. Old habits are hard to break. I recap some of my design thoughts below.

5bHeadboard and Accents

I reupholstered the headboard with a grey crosshatch fabric and tufted with gold buttons. In order to simplify the interior design, I was adamant about using a single pop of color. A good rule of thumb for smaller spaces which can be overwhelmed by a large color palette. I created these simple pillows from some lilac micro-suede fabric.

14Art and Texture

When a room design is minimalist in nature, it’s fun to break it up with a little texture. Enter some faux Mongolian fur. Follow the eye north and you will find a gestural drawing created by an Italian artist. I fell in love with the gestural style after taking make figure drawing classes in design school. The artwork is small enough to fill in the negative space in the corner of the room but strong enough to draw the eye. The black and white palette help to minimize the room’s color palette.


Pattern and Metallics

Those who know me well understand my obsession with adding gold accents through my home. Moderation is key! Most graphic designers have an undeniable attraction to graphic patterns, and I’m no exception. However, patterns tend to overwhelm a space, so use sparingly. I found this sick, geometric rug at Lowes of all places a few years back. It was like $20.

26Lighting and Art

Prior to selling lighting fixtures on Etsy, I found I had a passion for creating one of kind fixtures in my own home. The fixture below was created by hand after carefully rolling yarn over a red shade and adding accent ribbon. You can check out all the fixtures I created for our home, here.  The limited edition screen print was printed on, yup, you guessed it, gold stock. Its graphic style inspired many of my nursery prints on Etsy. You can check out their incredible brand, here.


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