Remember to Stop and Smell the Horses

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Self expression is the healthy way to release anxiety and depression.

Aside from painting, photography is a wonderful way to let go of these negative feelings while focusing on the overlooked. For anyone who experiences racing thoughts (like myself), you can understand how important it is to decompress. While at home today, I received a text from my husband who was out for a walk with the kids and our two dogs. He wanted to let me know that our nayy-bors were up close and personal. I dropped what I was doing, grabbed my Canon and bolted out the door. This little session began in the farmland about a quarter mile away and ended across the street from our home. Not a person in sight. Just a gentle, brisk wind and a gorgeous, winter sky. My oasis. I accept that people don’t always understand why introverts prefer to be alone, but it must stem from the fact that we would much rather observe the space that surrounds us, rather than occupy or command it.217111293810

The following is an example of my other favorite form of self expression.

Screen shot 2015-12-12 at 11.31.10 PM

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