Bye Bye Baby: Parker’s Bedroom Makeover

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Last summer we decided to play musical chairs with a few rooms in our home.

We started to face the same reality that most parents face after having a boy AND a girl. Sharing a room isn’t in the cards, at least, not for the long term. Both of my “babies” inhabited a space in our master bedroom for about the first two years of their lives. Waking up to breastfeed a baby is not as easy when there’s a wall of separation. It just so happened that Lucas and Parker breastfed well into their second year…neither taking a bottle (an experience I truly miss). When Lucas was around 2.5 yo, I knew it was time for him to move into his own space. With Parker on the way, we knew it was time for the first interior shift. And when Parker decided she was through with nighttime feedings (around 30 months), there was another shift. We decided to place Lucas in the first floor bedroom (you can see his room makeover here), while Parker was prepped to live in his old space. Yes, this “space” is small, but I know it’s not permanent. The absence of a door allows her to feel connected to the rest of the house. We hope to put an addition on the house within the next few years, thus, giving Parker room to grow. I hope you enjoy the following room reveal just as much as I did designing it!


The Furniture

This dresser continues to be one of my FAVORITE Craigslist find. I was still pregnant with Lucas when I ventured south of Albany to pick up this $65 treasure, equip with a matching mirror and end table. Seriously, I still can’t believe the price. Circa 1960. They sure don’t make ’em like they used to.



I knew I wanted to incorporate some of Parker’s artwork into the interior design (as I did with Lucas). I selected the paint palette, slapped some poster paper on the floor and told her to go to town. The final pieces were cut in a circular shape so that Parker could invite “the moon” into her room. This was inspired by her ability to point out the moon during the day or night.


The Dress

This dress was the first piece of clothing I ever made for Parker. It was intended for her to wear on her 1st birthday. I can’t BRING myself to pack it away, so it has been converted into art memorabilia. You can see this and more from her 1st birthday, here.


The Hardware

I’m a bit of a eBay connoisseur when it comes to locating that perfect vintage piece. After finding the bunny, I fell in love with the fox, even thought it’s a little less of a warm brass. Perfect for a room surrounded by woodlands.


The Literature

Ok, can we just talk about the books for a minute? I am so thankful that Rifle Bond Paper decided to illustrate a line of classics, right around the time Parker was becoming a little lady. Seriously, though, the Alice book has the most whimsical illustrations I’ve ever seen. Those close to me know that I am not too fond of the Disney characters (my own reasons), but I simply love getting lost in the classics. I envision a day when Parker will, as well.


The Dress, Part II

My mother hand knit Parker’s christening gown along with many other pieces. I had a hard time deciding on which piece to feature, so I selected the most complex (with a neutral hue). To think of how long my mother must have spent making this dress, only for it to worn once? One for the wall!

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