A Creative Superhero Conquers Year 6

Posted by on May 26, 2016 in Baby/Kids, Photography | No Comments

While shooting his year 6 birthday photos, I witnessed a creative in the making.

The initial concept for this year’s shoot was “the evolution of a creative superhero”, and boy did Lucas have some ideas for props, poses and attitude. As someone who makes a living as a creative (not to mention, married to a creative), I absolutely love to watch his mind at work. When you begin to see similar traits in your child, it’s eerie, but so cool. We spend a great deal of time exposing the kids to art, culture and music. Most importantly, self expression. That’s our family time. Especially since starting kindergarten, where academics consumed a huge portion of his day. More reason to flex his creative mind when at home. I look forward to seeing what new creations he dreams up next!




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