Obsessivision is the art of using both sides of the brain and the product of a mind that does not rest. More to the point, we are an art, design and craft studio by hand, heart and mind.

When it comes to branding and design, we bridge the gap between intuition and reason. After all, the strength of a brand is defined by the creativity and logic that precede it. As a business, it is your goal to attract attention and keep it. Without intelligence or substance, a pretty face is nothing more than just a pretty face. You deserve the whole package. At Obsessivision, we view each project as a question waiting to be answered. Since it is your mission that inspires our vision, we find it necessary to include our clients in the creative process. This is done not only to meet expectations, but exceed them. Together, we can create anything we put our minds to.


Creative director and founder, Amber Christian Osterhout, has always struggled to contain her creative side. This deep rooted trait is what lured her away from a promising career in medicine. With a background in biology, art and design, Amber tackles each project with both an analytical and creative perspective. A skill she honed and developed during her four years working in the medical & biotech field, ten years as designer & director of creative services at Shannon-Rose Design (specializing in branding) and lifetime as an artist. A self admitted introvert / people pleaser, Amber is not defined by her award winning work, rather, her ability to go above and beyond for her clients. Aside from running Obsessivision and raising two little ones, Amber is an accomplished painter who loves to sew, craft, cook, design lighting fixtures, reupholster and dabble in interior design. She recaps many of her creative endeavors here and sells hand crafted goods here.

Enough with the talk. Here’s the work to back it up.

Feel free to contact us and inquire about any of our services: obsessivision (at) gmail (dot) com



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  1. Jeffrey Evans

    We are working on a project for a client’s home theater. I would like to print large format images on sound baffling panels. We’d like to use classic movie posters as the art.
    As you know, there are extensive copyright laws protecting the originals.
    We are looking for an artist to create the artwork for specific films.
    Would you be interested in this project?

    One way this could work would be for you to continue to own the artwork, and we are rights to copy.

    Thanks for your time,

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