1st Birthday Invitation

Creative Direction, Production & Design by Amber Christian Osterhout ©Obsessivision 2013

As a mother/creative director, I look for any and every opportunity to, well, create. It just so happens that my children are my biggest inspiration. And so, when it comes to their first birthdays, I go all out. My ultimate goal is not to bake the tastiest cake, rather, to capture their essence and personalities as best I can. Parker, from what I am told, is a clone of her mama. From the quiet disposition to the wacky hair to the double finger sucking (self soother to the max). Deep down, I feel that Parker has the same ability to dwell on the details and soak in her surroundings. Something I owe much of my own artistic talent to. I look forward to long chats with this little lady...old soul, if you will. Something tells me that we were made for each other :) Genetics can be eerie sometimes.

This invitation design is a testament to how strong the creative bond is within our families. Both Michael and I come from a long line of creatives, especially when it comes to sewing. Being the old soul that she is, Parker's invitation needed to capture that aged feeling while tying in her creative lineage. I will add that when she was delivered, I was too wrapped up in the fact that I just had a successful VBAC to even check to see what her sex was. My husband had to unwrap the umbilical cord to check. Thrilled that I just delivered a beautiful, bright little lady, I will admit that I had a hard time coming to terms with the whole pink thing. It's funny, but when you have a child that is that same sex as yourself, you find a lot of your own insecurities surface. After a year, I have come to terms with the relationship this color has with the female sex. I actually love pink, just not how it's a defining hue and statement to how delicate and feminine we are. I told you I dwelled on the details, but you get where I am going with this, ha. Lastly, I hope that one day Parker will look back and see how much her mama is inspired by her determination, wit and charm. LOVE you little lady!!!


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