The Bundle Store

When faced with the task of redesigning a logo, a designer must retain the essence of the existing brand. I was approached to redesign a logo for The Bundle Store in Ballston Spa about a month ago. Since branding is an obsession of mine, I was thrilled to tackle this redesign project. "The Bundle Store is the Capital District’s first Natural Parenting Store, specializing in babywearing and cloth diapering. They offer a variety of natural products and handmade items, as well as classes and resources, for pregnancy and beyond." In the beginning, the owner felt that preserving her script font was important for recognition among regular customers, but as we progressed, she was much more open to the idea of selecting an alternate typeface. I have one rule when designing a logo. It needs to be readable. You don't want potential customers spending too much time making out the name of your business. This is not to say the the script font was a bad choice, it just wasn't the strongest. As for the icon, it was inspired by The Bundle Store's specialty...babywearing. The word "bundle" reminds me of a stork carrying a baby so I wanted to tie this in to the icon as well. As a final touch, my client asked that I develop a plaid pattern which would give the logo a vintage feel. After a few rounds of revisions, The Bundle Store is a proud new owner of a bouncing baby logo.


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