Camp TLC Identity


After celebrating their 5th year, impacting the lives of children and communities across the country, Camp TLC was ready to mark this milestone with brand new logo system. The new identity system would need to include their main camp logo along with three additional camp logos (Camp Moki, Camp St. Mary's and Camp SoCal HeARTS). It was imperative that all four logos be individually unique, yet visually related. One criteria provided by the client was to include a heart graphic within each icon, to symbolize the passion that has lead Camp TLC to where it is today. Inspiration for the logo style came from existing camp themes, wood textures and nostalgic elements. The overall "campy" feel gives each mark a bold, yet approachable quality. Iconography was derived from obvious camp themes, while relating to each of the camps' unique services. In the end, Camp TLC's main logo needed to tie together qualities from each of the three secondary logos. The symbol of passion is repeated with heart and fire elements, while the bird shows movement in both a physical and emotional form. Since Camp TLC travels from west to east coast to provide children with amazing experiences, the wing/bird elements within this logo symbolizes the physical movement camp makes thoughout the year and the idea that camp is helping children to rise above their hardships. Camp TLC is truly an inspiring organization.



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