Mosaic Associates Architects

This brand was created while employed at Shannon-Rose Design.

With a company history that dates back to the 1860's, Mosaic Associates Architects underwent a name change as well as a re-brand. Formally known as Dodge Chamberlin Luzine Weber Associates Architects LLP, it was
imperative to represent their rich history and bright future. This award winning brand set out to communicate this dichotomy with cutting edge graphics, tagline and messaging. Tradition continues to evolve Mosaic Associates into an experienced, innovative, successful architecture firm.

Tagline Development: Tradition Evolves
Supporting Headlines: The Wisdom to Inspire, The Discipline to Create, The Function of Aesthetic

Name Development
Tagline & Messaging
Identity System
Brand Manual
Proposal Booklet
Name Announcement Banner
Pocket Folder
Postcards & Invitations
Mailing Labels
Holiday Card
Website Design
Graph Paper Pads & Pens
Other Print Collateral


Web Design

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