The Remedy Jar/Tin


The Bundle Store (a current client) was looking to re-brand their very popular baby balm so that it would appeal to a much broader market. We began with some criteria in order to incorporate elements from the Bundle Store brand. This was done in an effort to marry both brands, while creating a unique, visual identity for the Remedy Jar/Tin. As with most branding projects, we began with our trademark mood board by pulling visual inspiration from various areas (vintage apothecary design, bold reds, as evident in the Radio Flyer brand, aged kraft paper, as in old, weathered jar labels, and strong typography with a throwback vibe). Concepts were created narrow down logo & label designs. The finalized logo incorporates Bundle Store typefaces, while capturing a more "dated" vibe (as seen in old apothecary labeling) with the use of a dropped logo line. Since the market was opened to all ages, design elements and color palette were simplified to place most emphasis on the logo and product description. Speaking of color palette, the bold red gives this product shelf appeal and stays true to the Bundle Store brand. It's important to also note that the containers were selected based on materials that would be found in older product packaging. Since the label substrate needed to hold up to oils, without staining, we decided on a synthetic variety. As for messaging, the "OPEN ME, HEAL YOU" line was developed to give this product its own personality, as if to say, the magic is simple and waiting inside. Made from a blend of 5 pure ingredients, meant to heal the most common skin ailments. Simple formulation, with amazing and reliable results. We present...a locally made healing balm. One that began with a very loyal following.

Tagline Development: Open Me, Heal You

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Proposed label designs


Inspiration for the Remedy & Bundle Store brands1015View the Bundle Store logo development and more of our work >>

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