Townsend Leather

The Townsend Leather brand/website was created while employed at Shannon-Rose Design.

During my last 4-5 years at Shannon-Rose Design, the entire team experienced a huge shift from print to web. For designers who are trained in print, this can be huge shock to the system. Designing a tactile piece versus something you interact with require very different approaches. Print design allows for more creativity in dimension/form/shape when getting your message across. Web design takes you on an ever evolving journey where function and aesthetic must hold a common ground. As technology changes at lighting speed, so must our creative/thought process.

I had the pleasure of working on the Townsend brand for most of my time at Shannon-Rose Design. The main criteria was to categorize their markets both visually and conceptually. The concept revolved around Townsend's ability to include their consumers in the development and creative process. After all, many of their customers are interior designers who thrive on quality, creativity, and originality. The three main categories trickle down into real life case studies, a designer showcase and blog; all aimed to illustrate how you can design it, think it, dream it, adore it, create it until it becomes your own.


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